a   l   v   i   n       h   u   |   p i a n i s t 

Heralded as “dazzling” and “displaying his own versatility and exquisite control of his instrument” by Butler Eagle, Young Steinway Artist, Alvin Zhu is recognized internationally for his insightful, engaging, and emotionally penetrative playing. His artistry has led to acclaimed performances throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

A frequent soloist with orchestras, Zhu has given performances of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Gershwin, and Rachmaninoff concertos with orchestras around the world. His recent collaborations include Mozart's Concerto in C Major K. 467 with Maestro Rossen Milanov and the Chautauqua Symphony, Mozart’s Concerto in d minor K. 466 with Maestro Grant Cooper and the West Virginia Symphony, and Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5 "Emperor" with the EOS Symphony at the Beijing Concert Hall. Other orchestral collaborations include McGill Symphony in Montreal, Pittsburgh Butler County Symphony, Pittsburgh Civic Symphony, Pittsburgh McKeesport Symphony, Nittany Valley Symphony in Pennsylvania, and CCM Philharmonia in Cincinnati. His upcoming orchestra engagements for 2017-2018 include Rachmaninoff's Second, Tchaikovsky’s First, and Mozart’s Twentieth Concerto with Maestro Yongyan Hu and EOS Symphony Orchestra and Baotou Symphony Orchestra in Shanghai and Mongolia, respectively.

A soloist and chamber musician, Zhu has appeared in Alice Tully Hall and Steinway Hall in New York; Sydney Opera House in Australia; Beijing Concert Hall in China; Palais du Congress in Montreal, Canada; Heinz Hall and the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh; Lincoln Hall in Foxburg, Pennsylvania; Lincoln Park's Performance Art Center in Midland, Pennsylvania; Paul Recital Hall and Morse Recital Hall in the Juilliard School in New York; Fletcher Hall and the Amphitheater in Chautauqua, New York; Sprague Hall in Yale University; and Joan and Irving Harris Hall in Aspen, Colorado.

Aside from conventional venues, he has been invited to perform for the inauguration of Martin Puryear's sculpture, "Connecting," at the United States Embassy in Beijing in 2018, the Ceremony and Gala of the International Women's Forum held in Montreal in 2010, the G20 Conference held in Pittsburgh in 2009, and the International Children’s Festivals in China, Europe, and Australia in 2007, 2005, and 2003. Other than appearing live, he has recorded for NPR’s “From the Top” as a featured Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist, Pittsburgh’s WQED radio, and Steinway’s SPIRIO™ player-piano catalog.

His solo recitals for various music series include Beijing Modern Music Festival in China, Steinway Piano Series for the Steinway Society of Western Pennsylvania, Music in Corrales in New Mexico, Music for Mt. Lebanon in Pennsylvania, and Go Foxburg! in Pennsylvania. Recently awarded top prize in the inaugural Patrick W. Price Competition held at the 8th Texas State International Piano Festival, Zhu completed a 5- city tour through Texas, California, and Illinois with solo recitals at Southern Methodist University, Baylor University, Texas State University, Eureka Chamber Music Series (CA), and Pianoforte Foundation Series (IL).

In addition to his concert career, Zhu has won top prizes in many national competitions throughout the United States. In 2009, he was the first American pianist to be inducted into the “Young Steinway Artists” roster and has the honor of representing Steinway at each of his performance venues.

Prior to attending the 8th Texas State International Piano Festival in 2018, Zhu has also attended the Aspen Music Festival, Music Academy of the West, Chautauqua Institution, and Intersection between Jazz and Classical Music Festival (West Virginia International Piano Competition and Festival) on full-tuition scholarships. Notably, Zhu was awarded top prize in both the Solo Piano Competition at Chautauqua Music Festival in 2015, and the West Virginia International Piano Competition in 2012.

As an educator, Zhu enjoys coaching young pianists in masterclasses across the world. Appointed as the youngest professor at the Tianjin Juilliard School, Juilliard's first branch campus, his first few masterclasses in December 2018 hosted over twenty students in four cities in China; Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Beijing. Other notable masterclasses include Open College-Conservatory and Liu Shikun Arts School in Foshan, China; the Li Delun Foundation and the Steinway Gallery of Toronto; and the Young Artists Program of the Steinway Society of Western Pennsylvania. As a former Teaching Artist at Yale University School of Music, Zhu has given private, studio, and secondary lessons to undergraduate students. At the Juilliard School, Zhu is currently a Teaching Fellow for graduate Music History and undergraduate Music Theory. In 2018, Zhu, a recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship, spent ten months at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing researching the musical contributions of his late, paternal grandfather Zhu Gong Yi, a master piano pedagogue whose influence in China is still widely felt today. Zhu hopes to introduce Gong Yi’s teachings to the world and finally give due respect to an international figure in music history.        

Aside from academics and piano, Zhu enjoys conducting and composition. Having conducted the Juilliard Lab Orchestra in 2014 under the tutelage of Maestro Jeffrey Milarsky, Zhu continues to guest conduct and lead rehearsals with the Pittsburgh Haihua Youth Orchestra. His most recent work, a three-movement sonata for violin and piano entitled Poeme was given its premiere at Juilliard's Paul Recital Hall in December 2012, with violinist and Concertmaster of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, Diomedes Saraza, Jr., who subsequently programmed it for his own solo recital at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 2014.

Zhu began piano and violin lessons with his parents at the age of four and studied piano with Yeeha Chiu and Marylene Dosse at the age of ten. A graduate of the 5-year BM/MM Accelerated Program with Dr. Yoheved Kaplinsky at the Juilliard School, Zhu spent one year pursuing an Artist Diploma with Peter Frankl and becoming a Teaching Artist at Yale University’s School of Music. After being awarded the C.V. Starr Foundation Doctoral Fellowship at Juilliard, Zhu left his Artist Diploma candidacy at Yale to return to New York and pursue the Doctor of Musical Arts degree under the tutelage of Dr. Kaplinsky and Professor Julian Martin in 2015. Over the years, Zhu has had the privilege of participating in masterclasses with Arie Vardi, Gary Graffman, Emanuel Ax, Lang Lang, Murray Perahia, Leon Fleisher, Malcolm Bilson, Robert Levin, Fred Chiu, Jon Nakamatsu, Misha Dichter, Shikun Liu, and David Allen Wehr. In Fall 2019, Zhu will be part of a handful of artists to represent Tianjin Juilliard's inaugural faculty, himself teaching solo piano and music history in both the Pre-College and Graduate divisions.


ALVIN ZHU ( 朱傲文 )是被国际施坦威钢琴公司命名为第一位出生在美国的青年艺术家。做为年轻的施坦威艺术家,享誉国际的Alvin被誉为“演奏极富深度,闪耀着辉煌表现力”的钢琴家,演出足迹遍布世界各地包括美国纽约林肯中心,纽约施坦威音乐厅,意大利罗马奥林匹克中心,加拿大蒙特利尔国会大厦,澳大利亚悉尼国家歌剧院,中国北京音乐厅等。朱傲文曾与多个美国交响乐团和北京EOS交响乐团及内蒙古交响乐团进行过成功的合作演出。2009年 他曾经为欢迎前来美国匹兹堡参加国际G-20会议的各国领导人及与会记者所举办的文艺晚会上表演并曾二次应邀为世界妇女论坛的开幕式演出。 Alvin Zhu多次在国际钢琴比赛和艺术节中获得最高奖。2007年ALVIN ZHU在美国赢得“From The Top”最高奖并荣获 Jack Kent Cooke “荣誉艺术家”的称号,同时NPR全美各地广播电台转播了他的获奖演出实况。 2013年他与国际著名指挥胡咏言先生率领的中央音乐学院EOS交响乐团在北京音乐厅演奏了贝多芬第五“黄帝“钢琴协奏曲,受到了全场观众的热烈欢呼。当晚中国中央电视台新闻频道对此进行了报道。 出生于音乐世家的朱傲文5岁起学习钢琴,师从于钢琴家Yeeha-Chiu. 他的音乐才华加上精湛的演奏技巧在2009年以优异的成绩考入世界闻名的纽约茱莉亚音乐学院师从于著 名的钢琴家Yoheved Kaplinsky 教授 和钢琴家 Julian Martin 并以5年“本硕连读”全A的成绩获得了硕士学位。随后又进入耶鲁音乐学院获得演奏家艺术文凭。目前Alvin正在茱莉亚音乐学院攻读音乐艺术博士学位。 在过去的学琴历程中他曾多次跟世界著名钢琴家们上过“大师课”,包括郎朗, Murray Perahia,Emanuel Ax,Gary Graffman, Leon Fleisher, Marylene Dosse, 刘诗昆,鲍慧荞,周广仁,吴迎等。 2017 年Alvin Zhu 荣获“FULBRIGHT”福部莱特美国国家教育部全球最高奖学金。于2017年9月进驻中国北京中央音乐学院为期一年开展对于他的祖父中国著名钢琴教育家朱工一教授在钢琴教育及艺术上所作出的杰出贡献上的研究与探讨。 朱傲文不仅仅是一位钢琴演奏家,同时也喜爱作曲。他曾创作的小提琴与钢琴奏鸣曲《音诗》在纽约保罗音乐厅首演时受到全场观众的热烈掌声。之后菲律宾籍小提琴家Diomedes Saraza Jr为菲律宾前总统的生日聚会上表演了第一乐章,受到了总统高度赞赏。此曲第二乐章随后被纽约现代芭蕾团用以新编舞剧之中。欲了解更多朱傲文的信息,请访问他的网站: www.alvinzhu.com